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A Manifesto for Fun 40k

Playing 40k can be so rewarding, but at times it can feel like a grind. So how do you balance competition and fun in an ever changing landscape? This is my manifesto for competing without losers. Fun, without feel bads.

Designing Effective Lists for Warhammer 40k

Creating a Battleforged list for Warhammer 40k is a challenge in itself. But once you’ve played a few games you’ll discover you’ve got a whole new journey ahead of you. Picking Secondaries and optimising an army list can be a rewarding mini-game in itself. So here are my tips to get started.

Hobby Goals 2022

My hobby mojo evaporated recently. But I’m trying to refocus with some goals for 2022. So as is now becoming an annual tradition, here’s what I hope to achieve and share in the coming year.

Learn Stuff

I like to learn. I like to share what I learn. As part of my Hobby Goals 202 I stated: I aim to regularly try new ideas and techniques and to pass on what I learn. So here’s a bunch of stuff to help others.

Fauxtorian Guard (Praetorians Done Cheap)

I recently started a kitbash Imperial Guard. Inspired by the now out of production Praetorian Guard but with the constraints that it had to be cheap and require the minimum of work to achieve. Here’s how I’m doing it.

Hobby Goals 2021

Heading into 2021 and with the end of lockdown possibly in sight, it feels like a good time to reflect on the past year (and my first six months of mini painting). To set myself some targets and to keep trying to form positive habits.