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Hobby Goals 2022

My hobby mojo evaporated recently. But I’m trying to refocus with some goals for 2022. So as is now becoming an annual tradition, here’s what I hope to achieve and share in the coming year.

I’ll update as the year goes on with progress as it happens.

3k+ Fauxtorian Guard

Continue to grow my Fauxtorian Guard beyond 3000 points of painted and table ready units. I’m talking Baneblades, tank squadrons, over 100 infantry, flyers, with a codex still a way off, now is the time to just add fun stuff and see what works when the new codex comes out.

EDIT: November 2022 The current army size of panted and table ready models is approaching 7500+ points.

Build an Epic Scale Praetorian army

I have an ambition to re-create my army in 6mm Epic scale. And ultimately to create an Ork’s Drift stylke micro diorama.

EDIT: May 2022 Models and STLs have been gathered and first batches printed and painted.

Create a scenic display board for my 2k list

When I start going to events, I need a board to display 2000 points of my army on. Need is a strong word, but what better way is there to arrange your models for best painted?

EDIT: November 2022 I broke my textured board for photography, so used it as the foundation for a larger display board (chipboard, insulation foam, sculptamold, and DIY filler). It will likely need to be bigger for future armies!

Kill Team Octarius

Assemble and paint the Kill Team Octarius box. Seems simple, right? But i might want to headswap all the Kriegs with French style Kepis and Adrian helmets. And I need to actually read the rules and play some games. And think about the terrain. How do I want to paint it? Do I want to de-Ork it and make it more generic shanty town? Should I just make my own home hammer setup and ignore it?

EDIT: June 2022 I made a few test models of my Kriegs, and need to finish up the squad now!

Blackstone Fortress and Space Hulk (my way)

I have everything from the Blackstone Fortress and Space Hulk boxes except the minis (rules, cards, boards, tokens, dice).

So my goal is to digitally kitbash, print, and paint counts-as versions to create my own unique games. Something that can be a legacy game for my son and I to play in the coming years.

Compete in my first 40k 2k tournament

Pretty self explanatory. Play in a real event.

An event should be:

  • 1500-2000 points
  • GT style missions
  • At least 3 games

EDIT: March 2022 This is on hold until later this year when Guard gets a new Codex. I’m going to hold off throwing myself into the shark tank until I feel ready.

FINAL EDIT: In November 2022 I participated in a local one-day RTT and managed to win 1 game and take home the best army trophy. I then took the same list to a team event at the start of December and ran the Guard 8th edition book again for the last time. No games were won, but a wooden spoon received. I have signed up for the Bristol GT in 2023 though!

Magnetise My Army

Create magnetic transport cases and magnetise my armies. Simple.

Edit: Jan 2022 All done! Took a few hours but really simple and easy to achieve. Although my fingers are now covered in super glue.

Get my own a Home Hammer Setup

Build a table extender, and complete a set of terrain. Play a game at home with my own awesome setup.

EDIT: June 2022 Making great progress here. The terrain is almost completed. Just need a mat and table extenders once that is done.

EDIT: December 2022 Table extender purchased and mat received for Christmas. Just a few more terrain pieces to finish up and it’s good to go in the new year!