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What’s in my EDC Pouch?

What is EDC?

As a quick starter, EDC stands for Every Day Carry. The items you carry with you every day, like you phone, wallet, watch. 

What is an EDC Pouch?

This is part of my secondary EDC. An item that is with me whenever possible, but obviously doesn’t live in my jean pocket. In fact it lives in my car’s glove box and gets transferred into a day bag when away from home for the day.

Why have one?

I’m not a “prepper” fearing or expecting the apocalypse and collapse of society any minute but I do like being organised and prepared.

There are many situations that would have been easily solved if I just had that one item with me. Life is full of those moments. This pouch this aims to eliminate as many of them as I reasonably can.

The pouch

Is a Maxpedition Micro Pocket organiser is a favourite of hikers and the like. It has multiple elastic straps inside and internal pouches making it well suited to holding a variety of items. It’s not really pocket-sized but is small enough to be put in the pocket of a winter coat should the need arise. The finish is simple, black, and hard wearing.

The pouch contents




  • Olight i3T torch
    Bright beam, clips onto a peaked cap and runs off a single AAA battery
  • Knipex Cobra mini adjustable pliers
    These are just my go to pliers to grip or turn anything
  • Grey Ghost EDC utility knife
    Compact knife that uses standard Stanley knife blades – great for opening packages or even basic tasks like pealing fruit
  • Low profile ratcheting “palm” screwdriver with a set of standard bits and a bit extension
  • Velcro cable ties
    Reusable, practical, you can link them to make a longer strap
  • Wallet Ninja wrapped in several feet of PVC insulating tape
    Any credit card sized thing would do, but I used this as it has other functions – the tape is for anything including holding plasters in place on a bad cut, leaks, frayed wires, wrapping presents…


  • True Utility nail clip kit
    Nail clippers, scissors, a small knife and file
  • Delwe mini tweezers
    You never know when tweezers might come in handy
  • Sticking Plaster
    Because accidents happen, especially with a toddler around
  • Alcohol wipes
    Cleaning cuts, glasses, camera lenses, or hands at a pinch


  • Sennheiser CX 300 earphones
    Backup pair for when my wireless ones are out of juice or I pop out and forget them
  • 64GB MicroSD card with SD card adapter
    Phone, Camera, Action Camera, Transfering files – does it all and much more useful than a USB stick these days
  • AAA battery
    For the torch
  • Microfibre cloth
    For glasses, camera lenses, phone screens, etc.