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Starter Model Set Group Build #shtktbuild

This week we launched an officially unofficial Adam Savage’s Tested model build challenge (AKA Sh!tkit build). The objective is to build a model starter set using only basic tools and techniques – just like the earlier modelling days. Think glue smeared, poorly painted, badly constructed, childhood joy and frustration.

A “Starter set” group build with the aim of getting more people to try scale modelling!

When does it start?

The kick-off is May 18th, so get your starter kit ordered to take part.
The end date is set for June 21st.

Are there prizes?

Well no. Not really. Apart from the kudos and admiration from your peers and the knowledge of a job well done (or totally bodged). This is about having fun, building community, and encouraging creativity.

What are the rules?

The full rule set can be found in this Google Doc, but the key things to know are:

  1. You will need a Starter Set / Starter Kit. Not a snap-fix kit.
    An Airfix P51 Mustang Starter Set
    A typical Airfix starter set (other brands are also available).
  2. You are can ONLY USE the glue, paints, and paintbrush(es) which came with the kit.
    Using anything in this image is not part of the deal. If it’s a model making or crafting staple then it’s best avoided.
  3. In addition you can ALSO USE these basic household items.
    A cup, a bowl, a pair of hosuehold scissors, and unlimited paper towel and water are free to use.
  4. Finally you can select UP TO 3 ADDITIONAL tools or materials so long as they aren’t model making tools or supplies.
    A selection of tools that are absolutely acceptable to choose, basic stationary, beauty products, generic multi-tools or household tools.

How do I take part?

  1. Join the Tested Discord Server (if you are not already a member).
  2. Post updates using the hashtag: #shtktbuild. (in MODEL-MAKING / #work-in-progress)
  3. List your 3 additional tools when discussing / posting about it. 
  4. Make sure to share your photos and the hashtag on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook, etc.
  5. Look out for impromptu online hangouts to share the fun in real time.

What is a starter set?

A starter set comes with a model, paints, glue and one or more brishes. This list is far from exhaustive but should give you some good ideas to get started. 

Curtis P40 Tomahawk
Douglas A4 Skyhawk
North American P51 Mustang
Grumman F4F Wildcat
Supermarine Spitfire
HMS Victory
VW Beetle  
King Tiger  
Fokker DR1 Triplane
Star Wars Resistance X Wing
This Revell Gotha 229 starter set would have been my choice if it was in stock anywhere 🙁

Who is the community?

By we, I should be clear this has been largely organised by Nik (@redhack) Butler with some help from myself.

You can join in and keep an eye on  the competition in the usual places using #shtktbuild, on Instagram, Twitter and the Tested Discord Server (Model Making / #Work In Progress).

Where did this come from?

Users in the Tested Discord server started discussing how to build more community and offer a fun challenge for anyone to participate in. The joy of sometimes just following instructions as being a welcome escape was mentioned by Adam Savage mentioned in a recent live stream.

This led to @RedHack recalling a Modelmakers Boomhut community build challenge, set up by Foxx. The goal was to recreate those firstkit build experiences many of us had. 

Others liked the idea and so this challenge was born!

You can find out more about that contest from Foxx of ModelMakers Boomhut community below: