About Justin


I graduated with a BA (Hons) in History in 2007 (my dissertation topic focused on the Spain and their position during the Second World War). Prior to that I studied Computing (with a focus on Real Time Systems development).

Interests and Experience


I have been heavily into computing since the age of 11, and whilst I chose to move away from programming, I still have a passion and deep understanding of computers and technology.

I now work freelance and the core part of my work is creating and maintaining websites for businesses and organisations as well as running e-marketing campaigns through mediums such as social media and email.


After university I worked for an educational publishing firm, formatting and finishing manuscripts ready for publishing. I was also involved with proofreading, applying corrections, copyright and fact checking, project co-ordination, and was trained in writing copy for advertsing and marketing.


I still have a passion for history and my key focus has always been the 19th and 20th Centuries and particularly Military History. It is through my interest and knowledge of military history and my love of technology that I have become involved with game development projects (as a researcher and historical adviser primarily, but also writing copy and organising media and PR campaigns).


A keen and experienced photographer for many years. Please see the photography section to the left, check out my portfolio or take a look at the photography items on my blog.


I take an active interest in development in consumer technologies and in the past I have written articles and reviews for a range of technology and computing based websites.

Game Development

Along with these interests, in recent years I have become actively involved in a range of Total Conversions and Modification projects for popular on-line games. More details of my involvement with these on-line projects and my testing experience can be found in the projects section of the site.